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Dark wood image for BBQ Craft New Zealand made barbecue tools & carving boards


Derick and Jenny Foss crossed the globe from Africa in the year of 2000, choosing the beautiful South Island of New Zealand to settle down and call home.


Together with treasured chattels, they brought fond memories of their time spent in the African savannah where, after a day in the bush, meals were shared around an open fire. Braaing (Barbequing) meat on smouldering embers has become a cooking method of choice and in self preservation, using an implement which keeps one within safe distance of the heat is an absolute necessity! The idea of our BBQ Easy tool was born out of using a similar product in Southern Africa.


Derick’s innate skills as a wood craftsman, soon had him working on a hand-crafted version. A few lengths of gifted stainless steel and some Rimu dowels soon morphed into the very first BBQ Easy proto- types. Subsequently, other implements have been added to the range, along with various wooden boards, coaxed from slabs of indigenous timbers.

BBQ Craft at market in New Zealand selling unique barbecue tools, carving boards and more
BBQ Craft sell unique hand-crafted kitchen utensils & barbecue tools from New Zealand

Derick is self taught and dedicated to precision in everything he puts his creative talents to. A sense of pride, in the production, presentation and marketing of his products, is key to his success so far. Country fairs, village Markets are all home to BBQ Craft’s hand made items at various times and dates throughout the calendar year.

For the last ten or so years, this craft hobby has become an almost full time “occupier” of Derick’s time, while Jenny assists with assembly of various tools, organises displays and assists at the markets. Many thousands of the BBQ Easy have been crafted and large numbers of the other products are made in volume as well. 

Like all successful businesses, it’s all about team work! Derick and Jenny work together in this cottage craft from their home and cosy-sized workshop, on Tai Tapu Road in Christchurch. We are proud to offer these unique products to customers through this website. 

We seal our boards with Tung Oil, a superior food grade oil. Learn more about the care & use of this product. 
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